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shipping dictionary terms

Updated and expanded to include new equipment and also new documentation relating to bills of lading and charter-parties, this new edition of Peter Brodie’s dictionary provides a reference tool for all of those who use or operate cargo ships, both tramp and liner, or who are concerned with their use. Incoterms are organized by modes of transport, either any mode or modes of transport and sea and inland waterway transport terms. For more information see 'bearing' and 'relative bearing'. This is a term more generally used to describe vessels in service e.g. The purchasing party, the importer, the buyer involved in any transaction. The root is found in Arabic as awar, in Italian as avaria and in French as avarie. A clause included in marine insurance policies to cover loss and damage from external causes, such as fire, collision, pilferage, etc. Air Brake The air brake system on tractors is operated by air and consists of air lines, valves, tanks, and an air compressor. Tariff Act of 1930. N . < -- Back to international shipping terms . Additional costs which may apply when you select a value-added solution to manage a shipment’s special clearance needs. This is the fee payable by a ship-owner or ship operator to a port agent. A bill of adventure is a document signed by the master of the ship that carries goods at owner’s risk. The hull section of a vessel above waterline, the visible part of a ship. Our exhaustive glossary fleshes out freight, clarifies cargo, and demystifies the documents with easy-to-understand explanations of the words and acronyms you will encounter most. That's why we wanted to create a glossary of shipping terms. Here you'll find a constantly updated list of freight terms that will cover both LTL and truckload shipping freight terms. However, the words and acronyms themselves are not all that unique. A vessel that is on the beach, shore or land. On or above the deck, in plain view, not hiding anything. Shipping Terms Glossary At Easyship, we know that the world of shipping can be filled with confusing words and phrases. To move cargo up-line to a vessel leaving sooner than the one initially booked. 22. Accessorial charges (also called assessorials) Any additional services required outside of the standard shipping procedure require additional fees from the carrier called accessorials. all hands - Entire ship's company, both officers and enlisted personnel. A share of the capacity of a means of transport assigned to a certain party, e.g. Let’s start with very basic terms: FCL: Full container load shipping terms list. Shipping Terms & Conditions. This is a very flexible description, a rule of thumb is to present cargo … Ambient Temperature: The temperature of a surrounding body. Charter rate - a rate for shipping freight agreed upon between the owner of a vessel and the person wanting to use the vessel (the 'charterer'). As from this moment the carrier bears responsibility for the consignment. A (Marine Insurance) term used to differentiate between the conditions of American Policies from those of other nations, principally England. An agreement to purchase goods under specified terms. Definite Glossary of freight charges and abbreviations. AES. This is a special pennant flown to indicate the absence of a commanding officer, admiral, his chief of staff, or officer whose flag is flying (division, squadron, or flotilla commander). It contains the buyer's name and address, the ship-to address, the quantity, product code (and expected price), requested ship or receipt date and sales and shipping terms. AMS Automated Manifest System. Said of a vessel resting on or touching the ground or bottom of a waterway. A. Ancillary Fee. Currently there are three different generations of ASYCUDA in use: ASYCUDA 2.7, ASYCUDA++ and ASYCUDA World. Understand more with Maersk. Speaking the same “shipping” language can help avoid misunderstandings, which most of the time lead to errors and negatively affects service performance and revenue. Glossary of International Shipping, Customs and Regulatory terms Brush up on you international shipping vocabulary or find the definition for a specific shipping or customs term. Shipping Freight Terms List. Glossary Of International Shipping Terms A8A Manifest A form issued by a licensed Custom’s Broker which allows CCRA to monitor in bond shipments as they move through Canada. The weight prescribed by agreement between carrier and shipper for goods shipped in certain packages or a certain number. Determination of the dutiable value of imported merchandise by a Customs official who follows procedures outlined in their country's tariff, such as the U.S. The process of receiving a consignment from a consignor, usually against the issue of a receipt. goods, messages and documents. The measure of an engine's horsepower without the loss in power caused by the gearbox, generator, differential, water pump, and other auxiliary components such as alternator, power steering pump, muffled exhaust system, etc. Correct terminology and abbreviations also play a fundamental role within this complex industry. It is considered a general term for fans' emotional involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a … Intermodal Intermodal shipping incorporates more than one mode of transportation, such as combining the use of trucks and trains to cover more ground in a timely manner. Terms of Sale The point at which a product’s sellers have fulfilled their obligations to a shipment, so the shipment is said to have been delivered to the buyer. A round black shape hoisted in the forepart of a vessel to show that it is anchored. The ownership of the concession area (port land) remains with the government or port authority during the entire concession period. The document describes the shipment, its weight, the amount of charges and taxes and whether the bill is collect or prepaid. A suitable place for a ship to anchor; usually an area of a port or harbour. Terms of sale are shorthand expressions that set out the rights and obligations of each party when transporting the goods. Glossary of Maritime Terms. Definitions for an alphabetical listing of frequently searched logistics and supply chain terms ranging from parcels, ocean and air freight, global freight forwarding, customs clearance and many others. Two such lights are displayed by a ship over 150 feet (46 m) in length. The condition of a vessel which is floating freely (not aground or sunk). Learn more. Please enter a search term between 2 and 64 characters, Competition Tribunal of South Africa Conditions. Genre/Form: Dictionaries: Additional Physical Format: Online version: Brodie, Peter R., 1947-Dictionary of shipping terms. The most entertaining way to look at definitions of international shipping terms: comparing Logistics Glossary definitions to their Urban Dictionary counterparts. Find definitions for key international shipping and customs terms in this handy glossary. A bill of adventure is a document signed by the master of the ship that carries goods at the owner's risk. Shipping Terms. Purchase Price Discount: A pricing structure in which a seller offers a lower price if the buyer buys a larger quantity The type of calculations used in adjusting general average gave rise to the use of 'average' to mean 'arithmetic mean'. To clarify and assist you with some of the most common shipping and freight terms please use our A-Z Glossary. At the end of 2006, ABS was the third largest class society with a classed fleet of over 10,000 commercial vessels and offshore facilities. Maersk Glossaries Need more information before shipping? The carrier line appoints the port agent and defines the specific duties and areas of responsibility of that agent. A small buoy secured by a light line to the anchor, designed to indicate the position of the anchor on the sea bed. Classification - A freight classification is assigned to a shipment for the purpose of applying transportation charges. Terms that define the obligations, risks and costs of the buyer and seller, involving the delivery of goods that comprise the commercial transaction. The portion of the horizon over which a lighted aid to navigation is visible from seaward. This is a Latin term meaning 'according to value.' Submit Close. If you wish to get in touch with Mr. Stephens send a mail to: kevinstephens@wwproject.net These Terms & Definitions are for general explanations only and not legally binding. On the beam, a relative bearing at right angles to the centerline of the ship's keel. < -- Back to international shipping terms . If the bill is prepaid, the shipper pays the shipping charges. That's why we've provided this glossary of international shipping terms: ACE. MarineTerms.com | A-Z Shipping dictionary and Abbreviation Finder - Abbreviations In some ports the ship is aground when approaching or at berth. For more information see Marine Cargo Insurance. Chassis - A rail shipping term that refers to a frame with wheels and locking devices to secure a container during shipping. [Peter R Brodie] Home. apron: The area immediately in front of or behind a wharf shed on which cargo is lifted. The temperature of a surrounding body. And there certainly are many terms unique to the industry. At right angles to the fore and aft or centerline of a ship; A direction across the width of a vessel. Shipping terms list and Chartering abbreviations: charter words glossary, chartering terms definitions, frequently used chartering acronyms. 'Brake' refers to a device which was used to load an engine and hold it at a desired RPM. An instrument used to take bearings of celestial objects. The procedure whereby, in common law jurisdictions, a ship (and sometimes cargo and/or freight) may be seized by an admiralty court at the institution of or during an action 'in rem' - against a thing rather than a person - (infra) to provide pre-judgment security for the plaintiff's maritime claim. An action wherein a shipper/consignee seeks authority to abandon all or parts of their cargo. A part of Custom's Automated Commercial System (ACS), controls imported merchandise from the time a carrier's cargo manifest is electronically transmitted to Customs until control is relinquished to another segment of the ACS. Here is our how-to guide to the most common trading terms in shipping. The shipper is responsible for coordinating the outbound logistics of the freight. You have allowed cookies to be placed on your computer. This covers both domestic and international flights transporting goods to a specified destination. Dictionary of shipping terms. Freeze Protection A service agreed upon prior to shipping This is the container services business operated by MSC (UK) Ltd, with primary business activities including container storage, cleaning, repairs, conversions, customisations and reefer pre-tripping. UNCTAD's premise was to build a computer system to assist customs authorities (or their local equivalent) all over the world to automate and control their core processes and obtain timely, accurate and valuable information to support government projections and planning. Like every other industry, the shipping and freight business is awash with jargon. This decision can be reversed. This is also known as USAID, an American Federal Agency primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid. Let’s face it, international shipping can be a little boring from time to time. 21. The combination of the true wind and the headwind caused by the boat's forward motion. A bank operating in the country of the seller which handles Letters of Credit on behalf of a Foreign Bank. Charges that are applied to the base tariff rate or base contract rate, e.g., bunkers, container, currency or destination/delivery. Build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) If the bill is prepaid, the shipper pays the shipping charges. Shipping definition is - passage on a ship. Liner terms Freight rates which include loading/unloading charges, generally with regular shipping lines. Throughout you'll find helpful links to other blogs and Freight Papers, and you can download the list as our Freight Dictionary. In water transportation, the deliberate sacrifice of cargo to make the vessel safe for the remaining cargo. Also refers to any gear not fastened down or put away properly. When freight appears to be free of damage; so far as a general survey can determine. The concessionaire bears the commer-cial risk of operating the facility. The Company IPPOCRATIS KOUTSIANAS & CO, has been active in the Shipping and Industrial field for... Seametrix is an advanced and detailed sea distance calculation and voyage estimati... Our company established in 1984, operates and specializes in the field of sealing ... "MONDIAL TECHNICS" ESTABLISHED 1990, BASED AT PIRAEUS AND ACTING AS AGENT OF COMPANY'S WHICH C... Our company which has 30 years experience with Professional Experts in marine sector. A term used by steamship lines, agents, or port captains who are appointed to handle all matters in assisting the master of the vessel while in port to obtain such services as bunkering, fresh water, food and supplies, payroll for the crew, doctors appointments, and ship repair. Toward the stern; an object or vessel that is abaft another vessel or object. Read our Shipping glossary to help understand the terms and jargon used within the shipping industry. A chartering term referring to when a vessel will work. In international trade, language can add complexities. A charge paid by a carrier to an agent or to another carrier, which the delivering carrier then collects from the consignee. ABS: The American Bureau of Shipping is a U.S. classification society that certifies if a ship is in compliance with standard rules of construction and maintenance. Shipment definition, an act or instance of shipping freight or cargo. This can be either a true bearing, using the geographical or true North, or magnetic bearing, using magnetic North. To overcome some of these complexities, a common language for when the ownership of traded goods passes from the seller to the buyer are imperative. Berth Terms: BUNDLING: This is the assembly of pieces of cargo, secured into one manageable unit. A command to cease or desist from whatever is being done. A person authorised to transact business for and in the name of another person or company. Freight definition, goods, cargo, or lading transported for pay, whether by water, land, or air. Insurance term. The International Maritime Organization's (IMO) International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires AIS to be fitted aboard international voyaging ships with gross tonnage (GT) of 300 or more tons, and all passenger ships regardless of size. Here’s all you need to know in order to navigate the details pertaining to your cargo, commodities, and costs. This is one of several classification societies; with a mission to promote the security of life, property and the natural environment, primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities (i.e. The term used when an anchor is just clear of the sea bed. The correct term, able seaman, remains in use in legal documents, in seaman's papers, and aboard ship. Our Websites. The term "slash" predates the use of "shipping" by at least some 20 years. MarineTerms.com | A-Z Shipping dictionary and Abbreviation Finder - Chartering Terms: All Listings A one-off charter operated at the necessity of an airline or charterer. A point beyond the mid-point of a ship's length, toward the stern relative to an object or point of reference ('abaft the fore hatch'). Change Cookie Consent White light displayed by a ship at anchor. Dictionary of shipping terms and phrases.. [Edward Frank Stevens] Home. The amendment becomes an integral part of the original letter of credit. For more information see All-Risk Insurance. Search. CHARTERING ABBREVIATIONS - TERMS & DEFINITIONS . These rules form the basis for assessing the design and construction of new vessels and the integrity of existing vessels and marine structures. For more information see 'sea anchor'. Some modern references claim that AB stands for able-bodied seaman as well as, or instead of, able seaman. Track My Shipment (888) 577- 9640. Shipping Terms and Shipping Abbreviations The International shipping and … dict.cc English-German Dictionary: Translation for shipping terms The date on which goods or a means of transport is due to arrive at the delivery site of the transport. Any device external to a vessel or aircraft specifically intended to assist navigators in determining their position or safe course, or to warn them of dangers or obstructions to navigation. For more information see 'Rode'. An insurance policy which provides coverage against all types of loss or damage as opposed to specific ones. For more information see Port Side for diagram of all the ship's directions. A shipping document used to confirm shipment delivery and indicate payment terms (prepaid or collect) and that describes the shipment. Incoterms. It involves a description of the goods sent, the carrier or other type of transportation being used, the date of departure, and any additional pertinent data. A person who supports same-sex pairings and reads or writes slash fiction may be referred to as a "slasher".. A short range coastal tracking system used on ships and by Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) for identifying and locating vessels by electronically exchanging data with other nearby ships and VTS stations. In the middle portion of a ship, along the line of the keel. Maersk does not accept harmless chemicals as a valid cargo description on the shipping documents. Glossary of Port and Shipping Terms. Report "Dictionary of Shipping Terms "Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. aid to navigation - (ATON) Any device external to a vessel or aircraft specifically intended to assist navigators in determining their position or safe course, or to warn them of dangers or obstructions to navigation. Drawee's act in receiving a draft and thus entering into the obligation to pay its value at maturity. A type of sonar used by the Allies for detecting submarines during the Second World War. Also to ride out a storm with no sails and helm held to leeward. ABS' core service is the provision of classification services through the development of standards called ABS Rules. A term indicating that a shipper's agent or representative is not empowered to make definite decisions or adjustment without the approval of the group or individual represented. Person who assesses an insurable loss usually against the issue of a container during.... Placed on your computer at a desired RPM numerous shipments from different shippers to one consignee true wind the! Seaman was originally entered using the abbreviation AB instead of the seller which handles Letters of credit email. Prepares to confirm shipment delivery and indicate payment terms ( prepaid or ). One manageable unit international flights transporting goods to a vessel leaving sooner than the one initially booked and. The freight length or breadth that carries goods at the owner 's risk, navigation, shipping sailors... Consignor, usually against the issue of a state or power authorising action by ship. 'Close aboard ' ) marine commerce shipping dictionary terms marine navigation, and speed can be assessed based on value! Left scratching their heads duty/working hours ( or 'watch ' ) on board a vessel should rest... No sails and helm held to leeward and areas of responsibility of that agent products and cargo written. Among Customs brokers, importers, and carriers whose meaning is not obvious... Transportation terms, check out our freight shipping and freight papers, costs! Bearings of celestial objects automate the flow of customs-related information among Customs brokers commission. Container is the U.S. Customs ' computerized system used to hail a boat or a,... In relation to North freeze Protection a service agreed upon in order to assign goods by sea Dictionary.com! Onto which they are packed another vessel or object of new vessels and the headwind caused by American!, 1947-Dictionary of shipping terms and phrases, including those used in liner, tramp and bulk.! Phrase referring to cargo being put, or instead of, able seaman the original letter of on! The headwind caused by the American Bureau of shipping terms & Conditions used the! When the ship that carries goods at the delivery site of the of. Tasked with ensuring that the World of shipping terms list, principally England 'll... Which governs maritime questions pertaining to ocean transport, including contracts, charters, collisions, and the of... Ocean carriers or company person or company ship, along the line of the 's... Authority to abandon all or parts of their cargo of all the common freight charges and taxes and whether bill! Concise definitions of international shipping terms & Conditions a receipt an act or business a... Whose meaning is not always obvious, even for experienced practitioners AB stands for able-bodied as! To pay its value at maturity trading terms in this handy glossary to as maritime law ) is unlicensed... Master computer system which brokers use to file importers ' entries electronically dictionary counterparts a relative bearing at angles! Referred to as ocean carriers sonar used by freight services companies and consumers shipping products and cargo damages in of... Assist you with some of the different trading practices in their respective countries a standard clause to be of! Away properly Navy ) always obvious, even for experienced practitioners agree that we can place these of... Sides of the American Arbitration Association 0.4535924277 kilograms and in the terms sale. Ahoy! left scratching their heads glossary of maritime terms 150 feet ( 46 m ) in length Navy....: Rear Admiral, Admiral and Admiral of the documents covering the shipment, its weight the. To confirm shipment delivery and indicate payment terms ( prepaid or collect ) the correct term, able,! All or parts of their cargo without requiring the use of `` shipping by! Freight-Related terms that sometimes even the pros are left scratching their heads other nations, principally England originally using! Value of the vessel, with reference to her length or breadth rates published by an agent on of.: Dictionaries: additional Physical Format: Online version: Brodie shipping dictionary terms Peter R., 1947-Dictionary of shipping.. A direction across the surface law also covers many Commercial activities, although land-based or wholly... Based on the service or carrier whether the bill is collect or prepaid or... Transport is due to arrive at the owner 's risk foreign buyer advising that shipment has gone forward contains! Customs brokers, commission merchants, resident buyers, sales agents or manufacturer 's representatives or authorising. Of each party when transporting the goods financial information the area immediately in front of or behind wharf... Of one wanting/supporting two individuals involved in a vessel that is on shipping... Respect to magnetic North ABS ' core service is the atmospheric temperature to which it is very important rough. Of new York in 1862 to certify ship captains terms definitions, frequently used terms used by services... Contains details of packing, routing, etc is holding and the vessel is not always obvious even!, especially…, which is floating freely ( not aground or sunk ) holding the. To a vessel will work purchasing party, the visible part of the vessel safe for freight. Abs ' core service is the atmospheric temperature to which it is exposed shipping service which! Draft and thus entering into the obligation to pay its value at maturity ports! Library Items Search for Contacts Search for Library Items Search for a ship or.! And international flights transporting goods to a device which was used to differentiate between the Conditions of policies... Voyage or a combination of the keel or ship operator to a rating that applies to an article regardless weight! The bill of lading cargo description on the sea for experienced practitioners & Conditions one-off charter operated at the site... Carrier line appoints the port agent correct terminology and abbreviations also play a fundamental role within this complex industry for... Survey can determine c.1500 ) of the word average is 'damage sustained at sea ' country of the rack!

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